Aqua Distel is an antiseptic solution that prevents infection. It is nontoxic, compatible with sensitive materials, fully biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. It is highly effective against all types of bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Aqua Distel is a German solution was tested by the EPA and proven to be safe when used in health care facilities such as hospitals, clinics, dental clinics, and labs. Accordingly Aqua Distel became EPA certified and CE approved. More studies were conducted on food and drinking water. The results show that Aqua Distel is 100% safe and fully destroys all bacteria, viruses, and fungi with contact time 1-5 min.  Accordingly Aqua Distel became FDA approved and confirmed by the WHO. Aqua Distel is free of detergents, phosphate, enzymes, scent and coloring, emulsifying agents and stabilizers. 



  • Aqua Distel S (1L)
  • Aqua Distel S Spray (650ml)
  • Aqua Distel Spray (250ml)


  • Washing surgical materials
  • Disinfection of the work place
  • Disinfection of dental and surgical instruments
  • Washing hands

Aqua Distel confirms to WHO drinking water standards and is certified by DIN EN 9901, TVO, and CE.

For more information, visit www.aquadistel.com